Saturday, February 11, 2012


So, I'll admit it. I'm a terrible blogger. There's a reason why I've pretty much stuck to group blogs before this: then when I don't post for an entire year (true story) there are others around to pick up my slack. Not so much here, so I'm determined to be better. Don't get your hopes up too high; I doubt I'll be able to change my stripes overnight. But I promise to be better! (Okay, so that's not too hard, considering I only posted once in the entire month of January. One more post this month and I'll already be doing better!)

With that said, let me update you on our progress! We've made it from the "New Commitments" page on Reece's Rainbow, through the "Homestudy in Progress" page, and are onto "Compiling Dossier". That's right -- our home study is done! The kids and I went down to the TX Secretary of State on Monday and got it (and a lot of other documents) apostilled. We sent the home study off to USCIS with our application to adopt a foreign citizen, and we sent our first paperwork of to EE to get submitted to the government there! It's kind of crazy how excited I was to know that the papers I had in my hand just a couple of days before had arrived in the same country as my daughter!

We still have a few more papers to prepare for our dossier, and then we wait for USCIS approval. I have a lot I've been wanting to say about the adoption process, our daughter, our families, and all sorts of other things, so I promise I'll post again soon!

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