Adoption Costs

*Updated 1/15/2012 to reflect what we've already paid and saved for, and also with a revised estimate on some of the costs.

Since I like to follow what others are raising money for and spending money on in their adoptions, I decided to put a breakdown of our (estimated) costs on here. Costs in green have been paid, costs in blue we already have money set aside for, and costs in black we still need to raise/save up for.

~200 – copies of birth certificates for our family
1275 – RR love offering and commitment fee
1100 – home study
140 – adoption classes
890 – USCIS
100 – apostilles
~500 – other document and shipping costs
9000 – facilitator fee
~1100 – child’s visa, medical, passport
~3000 – parents’ flights
~500 – child’s flight
~2800 – lodging, food
~2500 – transportation

=22105 (this is $1000 less than the total, since the $1000 RR commitment fee will be given back to us to use when we travel)

If we adopt two children, we will have the following expenses as well:

720 – additional child USCIS
2000 – additional child facilitator fee
~1100 – additional child visa, medical, passport
~500 – additional child’s flight
~1600 – additional flight for someone to help bring them home

=5920 more

As we save more money and start paying some more of these fees I will keep this page updated.