Tuesday, October 4, 2011

One Week

Actually, by the time I post this it'll be 6 days, close to 5. So, less than a week before a crucial decision is made in our little girl's country. The government of her country ruled a few months ago that children under the age of 5 were ineligible for international adoption unless they had a special need that was on a very limited list. Since that time advocates in that country have been working with the government to expand that list of special needs, so that more children have more chance of being adopted. Next Monday, October 10, those in charge of making the decisions will be meeting to determine which special needs will be included on the expanded list. Right now our little girl is unadoptable because her special need is not on the list. I'm hoping and praying that her need will be added. Even if it's not she will be 5 next June, and we will go get her then, but right now not having any idea of the possible timeline, and no control over it, is eating me up. I'm trying to focus on other things for the next week, and I'm hoping at that point she'll be available and I'll get to post her picture here and really start working to go and get her! If you're so inclined, prayers for those working on the list would be appreciated.

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