Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Working On It

Sorry for the lack of updates. I think the combination of not being able to commit to our daughter and the slowness of our progress so far makes all of this not seem quite real yet. However, we are working on things, and (slow) progress is being made. I had my physical yesterday, so now the whole family has seen the doctor and gotten our medical forms for the home study signed. We also got all the blood tests for the EE medical form done, so we can get that signed and taken care of soon. We pretty much have all of the paperwork gathered for the home study, other than the most time-consuming ones -- the personal data form and our autobiographies. Of course, those are the ones that need to be done before we can schedule the home visit. With Jacob's work schedule lately I'm not sure when those are going to be done, but hopefully soon.

Other than that I'm just working hard on unpacking (we only moved here about 6 weeks ago) so we don't have boxes everywhere when the social worker comes. (Actually, we already don't have boxes everywhere, but if she looked in our room she might wonder about the complete lack of space to walk.) And I'm also working on getting things taken care of for our boys (specialist visits, dentist appts, speech therapy, etc). Hopefully we can get everyone on a great and regular schedule so that when we do need to travel things can keep running smoothly here for whoever comes to stay with the kiddos.


  1. Are you allowed to comment on why you cannot commit to your daughter yet? And, is she on Reece's Rainbow? Obviously, don't hesitate to tell me if you can't give out the information, I am just longing to see more of those beautiful children find their families! I try to watch the new commitments page and rejoice whenever another child finds a mom and dad! Good luck on the homestudy...just explain about the boxes, I don't think it will be a big deal at all.

  2. She's not currently listed on RR, though that is where I first saw her. She's in the EE country that recently changed its laws to make most children under 5 unadoptable internationally. We're praying that the list will change in a couple of weeks and we'll be able to commit to her then, otherwise we should be able to in a few months, as she turns 5 next summer.