Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Introducing Our Daughter!

We're excited to finally be able to share with you the little girl who we hope to make our daughter!

We first found her picture on Reece's Rainbow, and have learned more about her since from families who have adopted from her orphanage and met her. She is listed as "Brigitte" on Reece's Rainbow, but that is not her real name, just a pseudonym used by them to protect her privacy. We'll continue to use it here on our blog for the same reason. The picture above is the one shown on Reece's Rainbow, and it's probably about a year old. We do have other pictures of her, some more recent, and I look forward to sharing some of them here, but this is the picture I first fell in love with, so I wanted to share it first.

As things stand now she will be available for international adoption in June, so we are planning on traveling to her country in Eastern Europe then to bring her home. There is a small chance she will be adopted in her home country before we get there, but we feel like God has led us here, so we're trusting that he will continue to watch over this process.

There are a number of things we need to finish before we can adopt, but we're working on them. We have a social worker coming to visit our home in 2.5 weeks, and we're gathering lots of papers to send to our little girl's government to show them we are capable of caring for her.

Soon I'll update the blog to feature her picture as well, and we'll also get a button to put on the sidebar that links to our family's donation page, if anyone wants to donate toward the costs of our adoption. I looked the other day and found we already had our first donation! I don't know who gave it (I promise I'll find out soon so I can send you a real thank-you note), but whoever it was, Thank you!


  1. Hey Katie! Yeah, I'm so excited for you. Hope all goes smoothly and that you can bring this little munchkin home. She looks like so much fun!
    Answering your question about the shoe cabinet...yes, we have the TRONES ones. I don't know why they don't come in white any more. But I wish we had black because it would be easier to keep clean!

  2. Oh my gosh Katie!!! I have been watching for this little wonderful! I'm so happy for your family and for her, what fabulous news this Christmas! :-) I can't wait to watch your adoption process and the joy of seeing her in your arms.....
    Sending love and prayers,

  3. Thanks Heather and Cynthia! I'm obviously so excited, too, and so happy to have people following along and cheering us on! :)