Friday, November 4, 2011

Keeping It Real

So, October has come and gone, and we continue to wait on word from our daughter's country to help us get a better idea of the timeline that we'll be able to adopt her. Even though I know she should be available for adoption in about 7 months even if her country doesn't change anything, most days the waiting is just hard. Sometimes it feels like she's not really real, and like she'll never be here. On one of those days I comforted myself by shopping.

Now, if you know me at all, you know that I don't like shopping. A bookstore is the only kind of store that will actually inspire me to leave the house (not that I don't ever go to other stores, especially the grocery store -- I just never really want to). But don't worry, I didn't have to leave the house! (Yes, I _adore_ the fact that I can shop online and have things sent directly to my house. I wish I could get more groceries this way.)

So what kind of shopping did I do? I'm glad you asked. I went on ebay and bought a lot of little girl clothes.

This is just a sampling of the cute clothes that I bought for our new little one. Even though it feels like it'll be ages before she's home, I now have a few reminders sprinkled throughout the house, and every time I catch sight of them it makes me smile and remember that she really is coming.

And now, for an additional dose of cuteness:

My boys love to play with the camera, and usually when I pick it up again I find interesting pictures of their toys taken from weird angles, or pictures of cartoons on the TV. But occasionally I find a gem like this, taken by my 3yo of my 5 and 6yos. I can't wait until their sister is home to join in their antics.


  1. I LOVE this post!!! I completely feel your pain about the waiting we have about 11-12 months before we could travel without an updated list.... some days it feels like forever!! I'm praying for you friend!! I love that cute picture!! It definitely made me smile!!

  2. Oh....she is so so so real. I know its beyond difficult waiting and waiting. I want to see Sveta's friend HOME in your family so much. In those clothes which she will totally be a little diva in. Her spunky little spirit is going to fit right in. Keep holding onto hope, faith and love for her. She needs you so very much.

  3. MG, it's the pictures and words of you and the other moms who have gone there before and met her that make it the easiest to keep her real. She's not just one lone picture and short paragraph on a computer screen -- she's many pictures, and many people who tell me about her awesome little personality. It helps so much as I wait longingly to be able to hug her and kiss her cute little cheeks, and to dress her in the cute girl clothes I finally get to buy.